Our Mission

CSHERI seeks to form and maintain a collaborative team, bringing together researchers, administrators, educators, professionals, and community stakeholders, to identify and address the sexual health needs of our community.

What We Do

The CSHERI is a collaborative group of university faculty, community stakeholders, community partners, and professionals in the field of sexual health. Together, the CSHERI team works to achieve the following goals:

CSHERI and its members see sexual health as a vital part of overall health and are dedicated to promoting the sexual health of all communities in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas by providing services, speaking at events, lending expertise, and community engagement.

CSHERI and its members work from an evidence-based perspective and conduct impactful, ethical, and community-based research to inform sexual health practices.

CSHERI and its members consider medically accurate and non-stigmatizing sexual health information as critical to healthy sexuality  and provides sexual health education and training to health professionals, university faculty, and the community at large.

CSHERI and its members condemn discrimination on the basis of sex, gender, sexual orientation, or gender expression and stand as allies with historically marginalized sexual minority groups.