The CSHERI team includes researchers from various specialties and disciplines. By collaborating with the CSHERI members, the research conducted by these researchers is both valid and community-focused. At any time, CSHERI researchers may have several different studies underway, all aimed at improving the sexual health and safety of all communities.

Grant Dollars Awarded for CSHERI Research Projects Since 2017

Current Studies

Below are CSHERI’s active studies. This means that the studies will soon be, currently are, or very recently stopped collecting data. You can learn more about them, including the eligibility requirements, by clicking on the study. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Closed Studies

As current CSHERI studies close, they will appear in this section. Summary reports for each will be made available. Also, studies for which we will make data available to outside researchers will include a “Request Dataset” option.